Course Description

Let's talk about joy! This special training is a meditation on joy, and what blocks you from experiencing it more every day. Meditation is the door to the present moment, where you can find happiness in the simple pleasures of life: whether it’s sunshine, a smile or your favorite animal. I include simple instructions on how to let go of your attachments, the biggest blocks to experiencing joy.  

I created a special 10-minute guided meditation for you to plant the seeds of real happiness, spontaneous joy, in your heart.  

You will receive: 

  • A Joy video training  
  • A Joy audio recording 
  • A Lets Talk About Joy e-book 

Life is a continuous flow of constant change, moment to moment, each one new and fresh. Attachments are the places where we get stuck. Learn to let go, so you can find joy in the simplicity of the present moment! 

Length:  25 min. Video meditation
                25 min. Audio meditation 

Format: Video file, audio file and e-book

Zen Sensei and Founder of Relax Breathe Flow

Pompe Strater-Vidal

For over 35 years, Pompe Strater-Vidal has taught people how to transform their lives through positive change — achieving goals of happy relationships, meaningful work and healthier lifestyles, while connecting to their own inner truth.

Course curriculum

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    Joy Meditation Training Materials

    • Joy Meditation Training Video

    • Joy Meditation Training Audio

    • Let's Talk About Joy eBook