Loving Kindness
Meditation Challenge

calm, clarity and focus | taught by Pompe Strater-Vidal

Course description

Would you like to have more calm, clarity and focus in your life?
Would you like to learn more about Loving Kindness, Compassion, Equanimity and Joy?
Each day’s training on this 11-day challenge will include a talk on our topic that day, and a 10-minute guided meditation.

Our focus for this 11-Day Meditation Challenge is on love, real love, not sentiment. Romantic illusions evaporate when life gets messy and complicated, as it often does.

Equanimity is about non-attachment and letting go. It is not about being emotionally detached, and having no preferences.

Joy is about an open heart that appreciates the gift of life itself. It is not about compulsively seeking pleasure, and avoiding pain.

Loving kindness is the capacity to love your self. Be kind to your self. Narcissism is selfishness, and not real self-love.

Compassion is the capacity to love another, and be kind to them.
Pompe  Strater-Vidal
Pompe Strater-Vidal
Zen Sensei and Founder of Relax Breathe Flow

For over 35 years, Pompe Strater-Vidal has taught people how to transform their lives through positive change — achieving goals of happy relationships, meaningful work and healthier lifestyles, while connecting to their own inner truth.

Course Curriculum

Loving Kindness Meditation Challenge Videos
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