Relax and Breathe 2017 Summit

become the calm in the chaos | taught by Pompe Strater-Vidal

Course description

Description: Relax and Breathe with simple techniques for more joy, less stress! Brought to you by host Pompe Strater-Vidal, 21 video interviews with returning favorites, davidji, Glenn Harrold and Dr. Kim D’Eramo, plus:

  • Kelley Kosow CEO of the Ford Institute,
  • Jean Haner Hay House Author and Intuitive Empath,
  • Katie Silcox Author of “Healthy, Happy, Sexy – Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women”

Learn techniques using mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction to move through your life every day with more joy and less stress.

Length: 21 interviews, 20-30 minutes each
Format: Video files

Pompe  Strater-Vidal
Pompe Strater-Vidal
Zen Sensei and Founder of Relax Breathe Flow

For over 35 years, Pompe Strater-Vidal has taught people how to transform their lives through positive change — achieving goals of happy relationships, meaningful work and healthier lifestyles, while connecting to their own inner truth.

Course Curriculum

Relax and Breathe 2017 Videos
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