Course Description

This special training is on serenity. What blocks you from experiencing it more in your life every day? 

The world around us these days is full of disruptions and distractions, from natural disasters to political uncertainty. Meditation is the door to inner peace on all levels, and you begin by going within, following your breath to sink into the stillness of the present moment. 

Also included are simple instructions on how to deal with the relentless demands of your Inner Critic, the main obstacle to serenity. 

This 10-minute guided meditation is for you to plant the seeds of inner peace on a deeper level, in your heart. 

You will receive:

  • A Serenity video training 
  • A Serenity audio recording
  • A Serenity e-book

Would you like to become the calm in the chaos? This meditation training is designed so you can find serenity inside your self, in the fullness of the present moment, one breath at a time.

Length: 25 min. Video meditation
              25 min. Audio meditation

Format: Video file, audio file and e-book

Zen Sensei and Founder of Relax Breathe Flow

Pompe Strater-Vidal

For over 35 years, Pompe Strater-Vidal has taught people how to transform their lives through positive change — achieving goals of happy relationships, meaningful work and healthier lifestyles, while connecting to their own inner truth.

Course curriculum

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    Serenity Training Materials

    • Serenity Training Video Meditation

    • Serenity Training Audio Meditation

    • Serenity Training eBook